There are tons of reasons to participate in a Best Damn Race that are running related, but today I’m focusing on some of the non-running reasons to participate. My favorite of the BDR locations is Safety Harbor, which is the original location of BDR. There are plenty of reasons why Safety Harbor is the best and today I am sharing them with you.

  1. Safety Harbor is an amazing little town

    Safety Harbor is the best small town that you’ve never heard of! Just a short drive over the bridge from Tampa, it is a great place to visit. They have that small town charm that people love, along with some great restaurants and bars. Pair that with the fact that it is on the water and it makes it a great getaway location.

  2. Staying at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa is a perfect weekend getaway

    Best Damn Race starts right outside the front doors of the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa. The race expo and after party are both on the lawn out back of the resort – right on the water. The resort has beautiful room, a tasty restaurant (that offered a pasta buffet the night before the race, and an AMAZING spa. I always look forward to spending the weekend at the resort.
  3. You are only 20 minutes from Clearwater Beach

    In addition to Safety Harbor being a great place to visit, it is only 20 minutes away from another great place to visit – Clearwater Beach. You can check out the sunset, grab some seafood, or plan a post-race day at the beach.
  4. The weather in February can be down right amazing

    February is a great time to visit Safety Harbor because its cool enough to make running the races a bit more bearable here in Florida, but it is still warm enough to be outside and enjoy some time by the pool or the ocean. I kinda love how you can wake up on race morning to temperatures in the 50s, but by the time you are done and ready to start your post-race activities it is in the 70s. It is just the perfect mix!
  5. It is a great place to meet up with friends

    Being less than 2 hours from Orlando and about 30 minutes from Tampa, it is a great place to meet up with friends. It makes for a great girls weekend! My first few years that I participated I was even able to get my best friends, who is NOT a runner, to come with me. I think it says a lot when she’s willing to go to a race with me that she isn’t even going to run.


So now you have 5 MORE reasons to sign up for Best Damn Race in Safety Harbor! Have you signed up yet?

Written by Meghan Roth. Meghan is a Best Damn Race Ambassador and Blogger at Meghan on the Move