The following post is from our friends at Fit Life Foods.

I know that if the vending machines in all offices looked like this, there would be complete and total mayhem. Trish from accounting would be gouging the eyes out of Stephanie in the mail room to get to the celery, and Steve the receptionist would be hurdling over Bob (who no one really knows what he does) to get to the last banana. Complete. Mayhem.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.32.41 PM
Ok, so not really. We all know how good the fake orange cheese on the tips of our thumbs and fore fingers tastes after the last Dorito, but did we have to get 3 bags of them? Sometimes the only option that you are left with, unfortunately is the vending machines. And, unless you want to try to chew out as much sustenance as you can from a 5 pack of Juicy Fruit, you’re left with pure junk food. So let’s get smart, and make the right choices about our snacks. If all else fails people, go for the peanuts. Or better yet, go for Fitlife Foods. With over 50 different meals choices, they’re the biggest vending machine in the area! Find out more at

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