No, we are not talking about public relations. We’re talking about personal records. It is invigorating to hit a “PR!” Whether you were squatting, weightlifting, running a 5K that washed your car faster than you ever have. Understanding your level of performance in any modality fitness is important, also to be aware of how hard you’re working during your fitness journey. Now let’s cover a few points, and I cannot only help you discover your PR but also how to make you a better athlete.

Strength –  As research shows strength training should be the base of any exercise program. Do you know your one rep max or “PR” on your squat, overhead press, snatch or clean and jerk?

Endurance –  Testing and understanding your endurance capability is crucial in training.  So, the next time you run 400 m or a 5K, row, swim etc. ask yourself “could you do better?”

Bodyweight/gymnastics –  This is an area everybody should understand and strive to improve in.  Always improve on basic movements as push-ups, air squats, pull-ups and even Burpee’s.

Bodyweight/body fat percentage –  you would not think this is an area you associate personal records yet it is. So, if you have a weight or body fat go start tracking it.

I leave you with this. Start tracking your performances because at the end of the day all that matters are that you are becoming a better version of you. It does not matter how well you do against others in the long run.  And the next time you achieve a “PR” you’re out loud and proud!

About the Author:  Eric Stratman has been involved in  coaching and training athletes for close to 30 years. He is the founder of TNL Fitness Solutions which exclusively works 1 on 1 with athletes for  personalized nutrition and fitness programs. Eric has competed many 5K’s, sprint triathlons and half marathons. He has also completed many obstacle course races and CrossFit competitions. He is a Florida native and enjoys life with his  wife and two beautiful children. As a new BDR ambassador he is looking to be a great resource to this awesome community.
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